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Business Finance For Schools

The ultimate responsibility for procurement specialists is to find quality goods and services at an acceptable price that meets an organisation’s needs. Having Nashfin on-board as your appointed consulting firm ensures that the buying process for your school is executed professionally and swiftly. With an eye for detail and order comes experience, reputation and the dedication which defines our standard-of-performance. Through scrutinising buying trends, Nashfin converts data into master information, thereby enabling accurate measurement and management of all procurement information. We continually strive to add value to your schools’ operations by streamlining your buying process. We do this by stimulating competition between suppliers. Nashfin is committed to providing a reliable information platform, for quality management assurance at a competitive cost (price dispute resolutions). Let us focus on your procurement, while you run your school. Let us help you make your processes efficient and your procurement administration seamless. Supplier performance and risk management is integrated within our framework.

Nashfin Electronic Procurement Portal

A web-based platform for schools to interact on a procurement level, they can share tips, concerns and thoughts regarding common school related issues and problems. They can recommend, complain or in some cases, compliment the quality of the goods and services delivered by suppliers on the base. The key feature is a cost-saving analysis on behalf of each school, this means that it considers both quantitative and qualitative factors for analysis of the value for money for a project or investment opportunity. Benefits to costs ratio and other indicators are also used to conduct such analyses.
What Is NE-Portal
Nashfin’s Electronic Procurement Portal (NE-Portal) is a web-based technical platform that services all types of schools; private and government, nursery and tertiary. All this to create real-time national visibility and decision-making control on a live electronic supply chain. The NE-Portal is a gateway to information on credible suppliers and a standardised pricing guide (national processed data) for schools. It streamlines common procurement processes across Nashfin’s virtual trading community.
Benefits For Schools
Get access to: 1. A professional team dedicated to furnishing you with sound advice and do research on behalf of the SGB to ensure an informed decision is made before signing off any short/ long-term contracts 2. Exposure to experts in most fields of supply 3. Credible empowered BBBEE accredited suppliers 4. Viewing trade references of each supplier 5. Unique solutions on common problems 6. Standardised/ centralised pricing and procurement procedure 7. Adverts and catalogues of discounts 8. Free listing on the portal 9. Chat platform to interact with buyers from other schools 10. Most Importantly, information on how to finance your school
Benefits For The Supplier
1. Access to information on schools in the procurement market 2. Visibility (Buyers will find you) 3. Free basic membership 4. Free advertising for your goods and services 5. Quality and price control across the board 6. Schools will post their RFQs on this platform 7. Weekly reminders to update your information and product offering 8. Limited number of spots allocated to suppliers based on; location, product and service offering 9. Opportunity to present products and services directly to the SGBs and school’s management team 10. National reach