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Government and Mining Industry Purchase Order:

At Nashfin we assist with government and mining sector purchase order finance. The finance company pays the manufacturer or supplier, who then delivers the goods to your customer (Government department, Parastatals or Multinational). The customer pays the financing company directly, and the financing company deducts their fees and forwards the remaining balance back to you. Because loan approval depends on the creditworthiness of your customer and not you as the applicant. Our channel partners are still willing to assist with financing your purchase order should they be happy with the GP, even if the directors have poor credit or the business is a start-up

The Process:

1st  Step
You send Nashfin a copy purchase order, together with a copy of the quote from your suppliers. You will then have to fill in an online purchase order agreement on our website.
2nd Step (Day 1)
Nashfin validates the PO and the suppliers quote during the day. Once validated, Nashfin sends the documents to finance.
3rd Step (Day 2)
Finance will then send Nashfin a proposal with a total fee on finance for the purchase order. The breakdown which includes Nashfin’s 3 % commission, together with the finance companies’ fee, is then sent to you for acceptance.
4th Step (Day 2)
On acceptance of proposal, credit agreements are signed. Open a regulated bank account and make changes at the department and CSD.
Final Step (Day 3-7)
Upon confirmation of new banking details on CSD, the supplier is paid, and facilitation of delivery is the final step.

Once goods are delivered and delivery notes are signed by the end user, the finance company will monitor invoice payments from the client.

Upon receipt of funds in the regulated account, the finance company will pay the applicant their profit on the transaction.

****Each deal is evaluated on a case by case basis and the interest % is calculated based on the client. There is no set pricelist for the interest charged on purchase order funding****