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Plant & machinery Hire

Plant & Tool Hire “Credit For Long-Term Contract Holders”

With the market being saturated with different brands of machinery and power tools, it can be challenging to select the right ones. There are a few standard areas of comparison which you should bear in mind.

“The cost of purchase vs the cost of renting Plant and Power tools.”

Hiring plant equipment as opposed to purchasing your own comes with many considerable benefits which we have highlighted.

Basic of KC Hire:

• Cost efficiency
• Guaranteed quality
• Large Selection
• No storage hassles
• No maintenance cost
• Flexibility
• Payment terms

Our Business Offering:

• Rental of contractors’ and builders’ tools and equipment
• Rental of home repair tools
• Rental of moving equipment and supplies
• Rental of floor waxing and sanding machines
• Rental of lawn and garden equipment
• Rental of various work tools and equipment

Minimum Qualifying Criteria For Contract Credit:

• The contractor must have 12 months experience in the industry
• Must have 6 months or more plant hire trade reference
• Minimum spend is R1000 per day
• Minimum spend of R30, 000 per month
• In possession of a contract with a minimum 6-month duration
• We can step in anytime during the course the contract
• Monthly “clear and precise” plant hire project plan

Requirements For Credit Application

Immediately after submitting your credit application, please send the below documents and information:

1. Proof of previous work done in the past 6 months
a. Appointment letters/ Contracts
b. Current invoices and for previous 6 months

2. Business bank statements for the past 6 months

3. Fica/ business documents:
a. Company registration documents
b. Bank account confirmation letter
c. Business proof of address (not older than 3 months)
d. BBBEE certificate/ affidavit
e. Tax clearance

4. The director’s documents:
a. Copy of ID’s for all directors
b. Recent proof of residence (not older than 3 months)
c. A declaration of directors and shareholding

5. Company profile/ website

6. Two trade references (Plant hire companies that you’ve worked with in the last 6 months)

7. Plant project plan per contract (List of plants needed together with start & end date)