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The New Normal
With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to tell which of the similar solutions is the most effective in fighting against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Nashfin has partnered with a few Manufactures and Resellers of the most potent / effective solutions to date. We can tailor the best Business Loans or arrange a Fully Maintained Rental plan to suit your Business.

Need to finance your solutions for the safety and security of your clients, staff and customers? We can assist with either a Business loan or a rental agreement of the same (subject to credit approval).

Premium Commercial Solutions
There is a lot of information circulating around how to protect against Covid-19 which includes basic personal hygiene such as washing hands, not touching your face and shielding coughing and sneezing.

There is however more that can be done that will protect staff in the workplace or even your family at home.

All virus and bacteria are transferred through the usual medium of physical contact, airborne or surface contact. Covid-19 is no different.

Physical contact and airborne (sneezing) have been well covered in the media. Surface protection however is a bit of a mystery.

The Ugly Truth
With the constant influx of people in public spaces, it brings and shares untold amounts of harmful bacteria; it’s not always possible to protect everyone such as, guests, clients or staff from coming into contact with invisible microbes that cause infection or disease.
For more information watch video above.

Surface Protection

Surfaces are particularly dirty environments. Covid-19 has been proven to survive on surfaces and like most viruses and bacteria, is transferable to people once they touch their face. There are several tasks that can be undertaken to protect against surface transfer.

  • Organizations should undertake touch point sanitizing and protection. Light switches, handles, keyboards, phones, reception counters are key areas however there are many more such as kettles, toilet flushers, taps, etc.
  • Large surface areas are lesser source of risk but also important. This includes bench tops, desks and tables.

Our Alc 75 – Virusanit is a unique sanitizer, surface cleaner and surface protectant. Virusanit will instantly kill viruses and bacteria on touch points but will also provide ongoing protection proven for up to 12 hours. When used under a regular touch point sanitizing program. (MSD sheet available)
Virusanit will provide the highest level of protection to the people you care about on a daily basis.

Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

Airborne particles are difficult to deal for obvious reasons (you can’t scrub air!!). Air purifiers commercially or domestically are a solution, but you need to ensure the air just isn’t been moved around with less odor.

Our Puri-air Revitalisers are proven to remove 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens and pollutants small as 0.1 microns – that’s roughly 100 times smaller than a human hair. (MSD sheet available)

Watch video above to see how it works.

The Dirtiest Surface all round

Dr. Rosa “Unity Point Health infectious disease provider” groups common household germs found on taps, into viruses or bacteria and lists how long these invisible threats can stick around.


  • Cold virus: up to one hour on human hands.
  • RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) : up to 6 hours.
  • Flu (influenza) virus: up to 24 hours.
  • Parainfluenza (respiratory): up to 10 hours.


  • Salmonella and campylobacter (foodborne illness): one to 4 hours
  • Norovirus (stomach/digestive illness): 7 days
  • Clostridium difficile (diarrhea): 5 months on hard surfaces
  • MRSA (staph bacteria): days to weeks.

Our Trap-en-Los Tap is an undeniably effective solution as it allows you to use the tap without touching it with your hand. Instead it is a foot paddle that you step on to release the flow of water, and you remove your foot to close the tap.

What is Fever Detecting Thermal Technology?

Thermal scanners are used to measure the heat on a person’s skin and can be used to estimate whether someone is feverish — a potential sign of the disease caused by the virus, covid-19.

Thermal-imaging tech is on the rise. Can it help fight the coronavirus

With despair lingering and the world in disarray, had it not been for effective and advanced technology solutions, we would have been staring at an unmanageable crisis. 1st world countries illustrate this case. By mustering resources at its disposal and deploying the latest technology, the countries have mitigated the effects of the virus to a significant extent and profiled people at risk. Today, several affected countries are looking at these models of best use of technology to save their populations in this race against time
What’s clear is that the coronavirus epidemic has put a spotlight on thermal-imaging technology as a potentially important tool in combating pandemics and protecting the global economy. It is known that positioning technologies play a crucial role during the time of crisis and disasters.

Our Fever Detecting Thermo systems can examine up to 60 people in one minute without disrupting passenger flow. We offer affordable rental / payment terms on a range of fever-screening solutions that detect the human temperature of individuals as they enter public spaces, hospitals, retail outlets and municipal buildings. Thermo-screening technology is able to detect human temperatures to an accuracy of 0.3ºC, raising the alarm to monitoring teams should it identify an individual with a fever.

To enable use in different situations, our “technology-oriented” offer has been developed in several formats from hand-held units to mounted cameras. Installing the thermal cameras at site entrances allows a larger number of people to be checked at one time. This could be in public areas or when a large number of employees are entering a building at the same time.

Why thermal cameras?

These systems are sometimes seen as a magic bullet for mass fever screening. Measurements are almost instant, there is no contact, and data can be viewed at a distance, so there is minimal disruption in public places and little risk of cross-contamination or harm to the operator. And the system can be used with minimal training.

Cost of Thermal Technology
Swift and Effective! Highly Reliable! Great Accuracy
It is, however, “Pretty Pricey” not to worry, Nashfin has rental options that make this State-of-the-Art solution really affordable.

Represents a front line proactive and precautionary step, by enforcing the difference between a safe workplace and a dangerous outbreak.