Bespoke Business Finance Brokers



Nashfin alleviates the process of securing Working Capital for your business, so you can focus on taking advantage of key opportunities. Whether applying for Business Funding, Purchase Order Funding or Invoice discounting. Whatever the need, we are here to help.

Using over 10 years of experience in the financial sector, our Finance Partners are now able to analyze a company's financial situation with great speed - leading to an expedited approval and funding process.


As and when you choose to accept a loan that was facilitated by Nashfin, you'll pay the once-off 1% loan value on "Business Loans and Invoice Financing) fee no later than 24 hours after the total loan amount has been paid direct to your company's bank account. For Purchase Order Finance the broker fee will be 3% of the amount paid to your supplier by the Affiliate Partner of Nashfin, Nashfin collects this fee directly from our Finance Partner.
"We do not charge any upfront fees."


If you take in those opportunity costs of searching for a Small Business Loan on your own, a Business Loan Broker saves you time, energy and headaches.

It takes a lot of time to do all the research, figure out your business needs, find the right Lenders to apply to, negotiate the deals you end up getting, understand the terms of the various options compare all your offers and still find the mindset to make an informed decision.


When Business opportunities arise, small businesses often need finance immediately as opportunities present themselves. Relying on sophisticated fintech infrastructure, our Channel Partners provide the fastest approval rates for qualifying SMEs.

It's simple, a business loan broker will gather your information and link you to a channel of various Small Business Lenders-for a price, of course.


Nashfin has signed up with a few Investors, among them is a new Partnership Agreement with KC Plant Hire.

This will benefit you as a contractor, should you have a Tender or a Contract with major clients such as the Government or Mines.
We will offer you payment terms of up to 60days for the plant  and power tools through KC Hire, depending on the strength of your agreement.


So you’ve done the work and invoices your client, now you find yourself waiting to be paid for the work you’ve done, or need an additional cash injection to help with your growth plans, then Invoice Discounting can be one way to help you manage your cash-flow and focus on developing your business.


Equipment loans allow companies to purchase plant and machinery, which gives you full-control over the equipment both during the loan term and once payback is complete.

With loans from our channel Partners there's no need to put together a business plan.

We want to partner with you, by offering your customers credit terms so you can get cash on delivery.


A revolutionary Business Line Of Credit is offered to all "Fee Paying" Schools / Nursery Schools / Colleges and other Educational Institutions. This means that your school can now apply for a Business Loan.

As consultants we can assist the school with the procurement process i.e Cost Saving Analysis / Security / Office Automation / Maintenance and Construction / E-Learning / Day-to-day Purchases.